Review of Steve Lowe’s Muscle Memory

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet Steve Lowe at BizarroCon 2010. He is one of the seven NBAS authors published this year, along with myself. Today I finished his book, Muscle Memory. My review, which can also be found on Goodreads along with my rating of the book, available below:

Wow . . . when I started reading this book, I had no idea that it would finish as powerfully as it did. Muscle Memory starts casually, with a shoot-from-the-hip approach to tell, and descriptive finesse. I empathized with the characters because, in a sense, I grew up with them in my small town. Hell, I saw myself in a few of them.

For the bizarro reader, there’s just enough to keep you going. While at one end of the bizarro spectrum, at least for me, there are the outlandish texts, the bizarro realism, at the other end of the spectrum we have subtle bizarro, bizarro grounded in a world that is very real, much like our own. I enjoy bizarro in almost all manifestations, but there’s a special place in my heart for bizarro with a message and for bizarro that gently guides us away from the shores of reality, but keeps us enmeshed in elements of the familiar.

This would make a great introduction to bizarro for readers of literary fiction. Be warned: if you read this book you’re likely going to learn something about the human condition, about love, and about yourself, especially if you’re a man . . . or a man trapped in a woman’s body for that matter.


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