Introducing Retro Bizarro

Every week a new blog post will be featured, exploring something from the past that could hypothetically be categorized as bizarro: games, books, movies, toys, everything and anything. I’d like to get some guests to post on here in the near future as well, so if you’ve got something you’d like to share/review drop me a line. I’d be honored to have you contribute.

Zombie Nation (NES)

This week we’ll discuss Zombie Nation, a game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990.

Synopsis: the giant zombified head of of an ancient samurai named Namakubi must go to the United States to coat skyscrapers with nuclear vomit which immediately incinerates anything it touches. While hapless victims Namakubi has been resurrected to save plummet to their demise, he scoops them up into his mouth, chews them up and pukes them back out . . . so as to “save” more humans from a much crueler fate at the hands of other zombified Americans. At least that’s what it looks like.

At the end of the first stage your goal as Namakubi is to regurgitate the liquified remains of hapless Americans onto the statue of liberty, which has come to life and has a crown of serpents like medusa. In stage two you puke upon Paul Bunyan, an axe wielding Zeus, or Hulk Hogan in a loin cloth (they don’t really specify which one, but the character slightly resembles all three). After that the novelty starts to wear off.

What makes it bizarro?

I think the summary pretty much makes it apparent. Just to recap:

1. Protagonist is a zombified floating head that throws up on shit.

2. Said vomit has the ability to set American cities ablaze.

3. One of America’s well-known monuments makes a guest appearance, only to be barfed upon until it meets its fate.

4. The final boss is an alien, which lays down in complacence as your decapitated head vomits upon it, resulting in an orgasmic 8-bit explosion. Vomophiliacs (who also happen to have a thing for zombies and alien porn) can finally rejoice.


Zombie Nation was originally released in Japan as Abarenbou Tengu, and featured a giant tengu mask rather than a zombified samurai head like the American version. After the meteor, dark seed, hits America, it turns the citizens into zombies. The only salvation comes in the form of the zombified, decapitated head of an ancient samurai.

You can check out the gameplay here

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