Bookmark Features Couch-on-Couch Copulation

Steve Lowe's Crudely Rendered Couch Copulation: an homage to Uncle Sam's Carnival of Copulating Inanimals?Steve Lowe, author of Muscle Memory, is offering a free book mark to anyone who purchased a copy of his book featuring the original artwork. The greatest part of this is that he’s adding personalized artwork to the back of the bookmarks. The image included in this blog was drawn for the author of “The Egg Said Nothing.”

Yeah. He’s kind of a pervert.

There are still several copies of Steve Lowe’s “Muscle Memory” with the original artwork available on Amazon. Buy a copy, suggest he draw crude things on the back of his book mark for you . . . and then send that book mark to your local authorities. Immediately.

You can buy Mr. Lowe’s book here

Here's the original artwork from the book

Here's the bookmark you acquire, featuring the book's new artwork

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