Support the American Cancer Society with the Purchase of a Book

I’m not going to go into detail about my personal motivations for donating to this particular charity. Just about everyone has been affected by cancer in some way or another during their lifetime, whether it be through the loss of a friend, family member, or staring cancer and our own mortality in the face.

It doesn’t take words to evoke a sense of how serious a disease this is, and words can’t take away the pain of losing someone to this disease, but words can help fight the battle against cancer, through prevention, spreading awareness, and, in the event that you are a writer, editor, or another participant in the professional writing community, by donating proceeds to a worthy cause. The great thing about this is that when one person decides they want to donate proceeds from a work of art to a worthy organization, it extends participation to the audience

But you don’t have to buy my book to participate. Take some time to think about it, and if reading my book doesn’t appeal to you, just donate $10 to a worthy cause, not just the American Cancer Society, but any worthy cause. Anything from supporting your local library to raising awareness about AIDS. Find something you’re passionate about and make it happen!

Details & Links

This month-long event is part of a larger movement created by Michelle Garren Flye known as HONEOWP (Helpful Outstanding Novelists, Editors, and Others in the Writing Profession). You can find out more about HONEOWP here:

Michelle Garren Flye’s Home Page:

Uncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating Inanimals is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Each month, my publisher sends me the royalties from my book. The royalty rate is about 20% of the cover price. The links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble are below:

Uncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating Inanimals on Amazon

Uncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating Inanimals on Barnes and Noble

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