The Racist Colored Humanoid: Gumby on Retro Bizarro

A green humanoid and his horse slide and gallop respectively through a shoddily organized library. Together they genre jump through space and time, visiting notable figures and, like Lidsville, perpetuating racial stereotypes. But those particular episodes are reserved for the dollar bins at Save-a-Lot.

The above description could probably be used to describe almost half of the movies in the dollar bin at Save-a-Lot though.

Art Clokey’s Gumby is one of the first works of claymation to hit the airwaves. It is also one of the most imaginative shows to date. A few simple concepts guiding the general premise of the show led to countless scenarios that transcended the temporal limitations of normal shows. Gumby, using books as a vehicle for travel, visited the dinosaurs and went to the moon. He helped George Washington battle the Hessian soldiers by giving Washington burgers and enticing the Hessians with wiener schnitzel. He won the Fliver 500 with the help of a flying pile of goo, aptly named “Goo.” Oh, and Gumby also had a famous rock band, was a fireman with his father, saved the world countless times, was responsible for Thanksgiving (though Pokey was concerned about getting scalped and had to eat Indian food which made him turn multiple colors, after which he observed, “now I know why Indians say ‘ugh'”), saved the wooly mammoth from its untimely demise, and still made it home in time for dinner. What the fuck have you done with your life?

It’s no surprise Gumby was capable of accomplishing so much. He was impervious to all damage. He could fall from extreme heights, get crushed by giant beasts, survive car crashes, reform after being bifurcated. The list goes on and on. Gumby can pretty much do whatever he wants. As the intro song posits, “he can walk through a wall if you want him to.”

Since the original show, Gumby has been featured in countless parodies, most of which, for some odd reason, involve Gumby being depicted with a gigantic penis, getting drunk, cursing like a sailor, or smoking pot. Here’s a sample for you (warning: VERY explicit language):


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