New Story up on Bizarro Central

What's that? I can't understand you. Maybe it's that GIANT PENIS coming out of your mouth!

During a workshop at BizarroCon 2010 one of the participants asked, “why must all dicks in strange stories be huge? (Legend of the Overfiend comes to mind) Why can’t they feature tiny dicks?” In my (albeit limited) experience with strange stories featuring penises, I have found that most indeed feature only giant cocks. Is it homage to tentacle porn? Is it simply a manifestation of some unconscious desire to be well-endowed, or rather, hyper endowed?

That was the first question that inspired “Werecocks,” a short story about a man who transforms into an insignificant, flaccid member when the moon is full.

The second question was my own: why are most things supernatural imbued with great power? Werewolves, Frankenstein, the mummy, all of them have some sort of special ability that makes them greater than humans.

The appeal of the supernatural is that it transcends our expectations, our general understanding of the world around us. But over time, the supernatural has become naturalized. We’ve come to expect certain conventions. So why not shake things up and create something supernatural that has no power, something which becomes hyper vulnerable instead of hyper powerful? Check out the results by following the link below. While you’re at it, click the “Home” button in the upper, left-hand corner and check out the new and improved Bizarro Central. It features new fiction, blogs, and articles every week.

“Werecocks” on Bizarro Central

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