More Head: Atari’s ‘The A-Team’ on Retro Bizarro

I always thought that Zombie Nation stood alone in the category of games where disembodied heads floated around the screen in an attempt to save the world. I was wrong. Apparently Zombie Nation isn’t even the first.

Years earlier, Atari released The A-Team, a game in which Mr. T’s head floats around the screen trying to avoid what looks like little robots from the movie Batteries Not Included. The men in black make a special guest appearance from time to time. There’s some other shit running around too, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s all going to die once Mr. T unleashes his foreboding tooth attack.

If you lose then a flashing rocket will shoot across the screen. It’s much bigger than the rockets featured in Tetris, so the game has a one up in that respect. Then you’ll be rewarded by knowing that the game is over, and you no longer have to play.

If you keep playing, then you’ll visit a few different areas. In the second area, you shoot lightning out of your mohawk at some thug who is running around the screen. But your goal is not to kill the thug. You must shoot the thug so your attack bounces off him and hits the square blocks slowly moving across the bottom of the screen. The logic is lost on me here. Why can’t Mr. T’s head just shoot the little bricks at the bottom of the screen? Why can’t Mr. T just ram the blocks with his forehead like you’ll want to do after playing this game for five minutes?

If you manage to succeed in this area, Mr. T’s head will grow to the size of a helicopter, which isn’t that far fetched considering the fact that his head has been a little larger than the men he’s been spitting his teeth at for the earlier portion of the game. Your goal is to destroy the helicopter. Because, even though you have “succeeded” in the other two areas by destroying thugs, robots and destroying the components of a nuclear warhead running down an assembly line, somehow that nuclear warhead is still going to be fired, and the helicopter has the controls in it.

According to, The A-Team is a rip off of the game Saboteur. You can get all the details at the following link:

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