New Fiction to Appear in Upcoming Anthologies

Some of my latest stories will be appearing in a few upcoming anthologies from The Library of Bizarro Horror and Pill Hill Press. I’m not going to announce all of them tonight, because many won’t be coming out for a few more months. The most recent, for which the table of contents have been announced and/or the print date has been slated, are as follows:

The New Flesh: Episode I, edited by William Pauley III (published by The Library of Bizarro Horror)

The scoop on my story: a young girl visits her grandfather’s house to claim her inheritance. All promised to her has been taken, except an old camera. A dark mystery unfolds as she begins taking photographs of the things she knows and loves, and those things begin to change.










Told You So, edited by Jessy Marie Roberts (published by Pill Hill Press)

The scoop on my story: a plot to turn luxury lethal leads to hundreds of minor, seemingly inconsequential changes in consumer products, which creates a dramatic increase in highway accidents. Every product you see in your local convenience store plays a part in this plan. Nobody believes it. After all, how the hell can a candy bar that’s made to break apart and stain your vehicle’s 10k interior as you’re driving down the road lead to hundreds of deaths per year?










I”m honored to be a part of these anthologies, not only because I’m proud of the stories featured in them, but because the publishers have been great and the editors have been excellent. I have had the pleasure to work with both WPIII and Jessy several times this year, and I’m always pleased with the feedback. They’re always on the ball and respond in record time. As soon as these anthologies are available on Amazon I’ll be posting the links for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates. I will be announcing my publications in coming weeks as the anthologies my work will be appearing in begin hitting the printers. There are seven more on the way, some of which feature bizarro writing, some of which feature horror, all of which reveal a marked shift from the style and content featured in Uncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating Inanimals.

Thanks for stopping by!


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