Planking: I think I finally got it!

I feel like a grumpy old bastard lately, primarily because I don’t understand anything the youngsters do anymore (the fact that I call twenty year olds youngsters qualifies me as an unhip old fart as well, I believe. And when I was young, you used to have to crawl at 2kb per second on a crappy dial up connection and wait five hours for a song to download.)

Today I feel cool though, because I finally got this planking thing down. Check out these rocking planking pictures I found online:

Check out this hip raccoon. He planks all day ere' day!

This home slice has got him beat. He planks so long that maggots plank on his entrails. Awesome!

Looks like Bambi's going for a ride . . . straight to the land of the hip as he planks on this helicopter!

Thumper tries to steal the spotlight again. SMH

OMG! Look at this dude planking with his motorcycle on another dude's head! That's downright legit.

Plank Pile! Lol! This has got 2 B the craziest plank evar!

That sausage straight planks the sh!t outta that plate!

Man I’m hip. I’ve been planking in my bed for thirty years now and I ain’t ever gonna quit! You know it! I’ll plank till I get bed sores. That’s how hard core I am up in this. It’s how I do.

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