New Anthologies/Journals Featuring My Work

The last few months have been wild in the small press scene, particularly in the realm of bizarro fiction. Content for Mellick’s The Bible Pt. II is currently being reviewed. The NBAS 2011 titles were announced (I’ll be interviewing some of them soon). And BizarroCon just finished earlier this month.

Alas, accompanying the good is a little bad. Two highly anticipated anthologies, The New Flesh: Episode I & Technicolor Tentacles, were cancelled by their proposed publisher. My work was to appear in both, which I announced in a previous blog. Unfortunately, those works won’t be released for a while. They’re currently under consideration for other publications. If all goes well, they’ll be appearing online for free in the near future.

Speaking of The New Flesh, some of you may have noticed new material hasn’t been published on the page in a while. The editor, William Pauley III, is working on some new material (which I forgot to ask if I could write about here), but told me the site will be publishing some new stories in the near future. So stay tuned! It’s one of my favorite flash fiction sites.

Two collections featuring my work, which I haven’t had a chance to announce yet, are available now. Today, Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #10 was released (picture top left). This will be the last issue edited by Bradley Sands. Sam Reeve takes over in coming issues.

A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre also hit shelves this month. This is my fourth venture with Pill Hill Press (two anthologies featuring my work will be released soon).

Last but not least, in the near future one of my works will be published in New Tales of the Old Ones, edited by Michael C. Dick and published by Knight Watch Press. The anthology will be broken into two volumes, and should be available soon. The stories revolve around the Lovecraft mythos. My story “Blood, Guns & Tentacles” is the first chapter of a book I’m currently working on. I hope to publish several of the chapters in anthologies and magazines, and follow up down the road (way down the road) with a novel that ties the chapters together.

That’s it for now. I always feel awkward about these self-promotion blogs, so I’ll be posting new content in the next few days so this gets pushed down. I’m hoping to hear back from several places in the near future, but I’ll keep these posts spaced out and consolidate announcements so the blog doesn’t get bogged down with this kind of stuff.

Happy Holidays,


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