Recent and Upcoming Publications from Kirk Jones

Death Head Grin

I wanted to write a brief post about some upcoming publications, and some which were released earlier this year that I haven’t had a chance to announce yet. First, my story that was to appear in The New Flesh: Episode I will be appearing in Death Head Grin. The story sets in motion a mythos sustained in the book I’ll start working on very soon, so I’m really excited that this has found a home. I’m also really happy to start getting some longer material out there that people can access for free. I’d like to get more out by the end of this year, so people can gauge my evolution as a writer without having to sink any money into it. It’s honor enough that people spend time looking at my work online.

NEW FICTION IN TWO ANTHOLOGIES FROM STATIC MOVEMENT: Early last year I submitted a few stories to Static Movement. The acceptance rates there are pretty high most of the time, and they push out a lot of anthologies. I liked the idea of writing a few season-related pieces and submitting them to relevant anthologies. I also wanted to practice writing for specific anthologies, and Static Movement was a great place to give that a shot. Anyway, the anthologies I submitted to were released in January. The winter variant is below. It features a story about an old man who gets snowed in during a seemingly perpetual winter. It’s a tale which I hope captures the essence of a claustrophobia-inducing setting:

NEW FLASH FICTION ON BIZARRO CENTRAL: I’m honored to now have a second story up on Bizarro Central as well. While living at my current residence for the first two years, I often found myself out back snaking the septic. The pipe was bent and it led to all sorts of problems. But septic waste is kind of like a second home for me because I replaced septic tanks with my father for a summer. They say to write what you know, so I wrote up a brief piece on pipe obstructions, cranky old men, and a shit load of severed hands. Click the shoddy stock photo of a rubber hand below to read it.

I have two more publications to announce, but I want to wait until the editors announce the ToC’s before I say anything. I’m really excited about both, and I’m happy to be getting back into non-horror bizarro again as well. Keep stopping by, not for my obnoxious self-indulgent updates, but for future interviews with interesting authors. In the near future I’m hoping to interview Vince Kramer, NBAS author, death metal journalist, and action figure porn artist extraordinaire.

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