Summer Reading List

I’ve been reading some good shit this summer, but I don’t have time to read everything I want to. That’ll have to wait for August or September. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out some of the ass-kicking books that are on my summer reading list. Here’s one I will be reading in the near future.

Steve Lowe’s “King of Perverts”

Dennis isn’t a bad guy, but life circumstances have rendered him a complete waste. The only way to redeem himself is to engage in a shit load of raunchy sex acts for prize money. This book delicately splices two of the biggest fantasies in male narrative:

1. sex that is not only condoned, but absolutely mandatory.

2. riches to rags to riches (via sex, no less!)

The idea of finding redemption through mandated sex acts on a reality television show  is a brilliant idea. It’s essentially what we’re confronted with on reality television shows today, in a manner of speaking. People display their most primitive and base characteristics–the part of ourselves we normally consider private and tuck away from the judgmental public–to draw in viewers and to acquire some degree of redemption in the public eye. Networks don’t even have to request this. It seems to be a natural human folly: people act stupid once a camera is on. Additionally, the moral parameters maintained by the middle class (because morality is the easiest way they can weigh their self-worth against others, as it is the form of capital easiest to acquire) are thrown out the window.

Dennis, however, is a reluctant participant. He needs the money. The entire dynamic has shifted. Instead of a willing participant and a normal setting conducive to our autonomy and psychosis, here we have a setting that forces proclivity and a hesitant performer. Dennis becomes an underdog working against the network, against the system, to get what he needs. It’s the pornographic version of King’s Running Man.

This is the future of network television. Hell, it could just be the future. I declare Matt Good’s “The Future is X Rated” the official theme song of this book, even though I have no authority to do so.


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