Psychotic Housewives and App Hatred

Things have been moving along nicely since the summer drew to a close. I’ve finally had some time to catch up on creative writing endeavors before hunkering down and starting work on my dissertation. Additionally, some work I submitted before summer has finally hit the shelves, most notably the Death to Brothers Grimm anthology featuring my story “The Housewife and the Ascarid Nematode.” I’m proud to be included in this anthology with some excellent authors. I’m also happy to work with Omnium Gatherum. I missed a deadline for submission a few years ago by just a few days, and regretted not getting something in for their Detritus anthology. So submitting to the Brothers Grimm anthology was another chance at working with them. I’m glad I did.

In addition to this, I’ve also started working with Points in Case, a humor site that features columns, articles and blogs. This is where most of my hate-infused reviews of children’s books will appear first from now on. I’ve added my work with PIC to the sidebar, in case anyone’s interested.

Other than that, Spectacular Productions is about to release an anthology featuring some of my work. But I’ll write more about that on the release date.

Finally, my second book is almost finished. After writing 3/4 of the manuscript, I had to postpone my work so I could finish my PhD course work. Alas, that is finally complete. So while I’m digging into the first three chapters of my dissertation, I’m also writing the final sections of my second bizarro novel. I’m hoping to finish it this weekend if all goes well. There’ll be a lot of revising to follow, of course. But at least the first draft will be complete.

Thanks to everyone who continues to stop by and check out my work on bizarrojones. The two-year anniversary of this blog is fast approaching. And everyone who continues to stop by makes it worth while.


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