Nursery Night Light

Stop by H2RetrO to check out these sweet retro gumball mods featuring classic 8-bit characters, Snorks, and more.


Jack is due to enter the world this January…so naturally I started the nursery back in July. We decked the room out in 80’s cartoons from our childhood. It is now the most popular room in the house.  My favorite addition is this:

I picked up this gumball machine years ago, again with the idea of turning it into an aquarium.  I’ve seen some posts online of folks who have taken the base and placed a fishbowl on top to simulate the glass dome – but I wanted to be authentic.  I ordered a special piece of glass cut, with a twist – I had them put a 1/4″ drill hole in the center.  I was able to thread a tube and air stone through the hole and seal it, so not only is the dome watertight, it has a constant stream of air bubbles to dance in the light…

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